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The challenge

Mace Group were having noticeable issues with SPAM filtering, remote access to email, challenges with the functionality of their in-house email client, and the ongoing management of systems. We audited their existing IT systems setup, providing a detailed approach to plan and implement a new email and calendaring system for 140 users across New Zealand and Australia. We seamlessly migrated all existing data and users to the new systems, while ensuring as little disruption to business as possible.

Our solution

We presented Mace Group with network diagrams, a listing of all computer systems within their New Zealand operations, and data analysis supporting our recommendations based upon our audit findings.

While Mace Group was aware of existing pain points around their email system, our audit also identified shortcomings related to server sprawl (too many servers) and also with backups and disaster recovery ability.

The email system, in terms of hardware and software, running on IBM Notes connected to IBM Domino, was outdated and required updating, so we implemented a migration to the well recognised and supported cloud based solution Microsoft Office 365. The existing platforms presented additional complications in that we had to address migration of data from extremely disparate systems.

Our recommended solution allowed Mace Group to adopt the use of Microsoft Outlook, a more commonly used business email client, and enabled seamless access to data through mobiles, Outlook, and web browsers.

Migration to a cloud based platform meant retiring support for two aging in-house servers. The ongoing management issues related to SPAM filtering solution were addressed through Microsoft and trusting the global scale of their filtering management in Office 365.

Once the New Zealand migration was completed we worked with local Australian IT support to migrate all Australian users.

“iTops came highly recommended by two other companies that we worked closely with. We have since fully contracted out our IT requirements to iTops in New Zealand and they work closely with our IT person in Australia. We would highly recommend iTops to other companies based on our experience.”

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Dr. Michelle Mace

Managing Director of Mace Group Companies

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