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Our history

iTops began in 2006 with a focus on providing IT services to a demanding technology industry. That thirst for unique and challenging work remains to this day. It has seen us deliver complex projects, along with ongoing support and management of IT systems, for organisations across industries, throughout New Zealand.

Our promise

We improve IT service delivery and efficiency through the implementation of recognised best practices. We research and adopt techniques or methods that are accepted industry wide as the most efficient or effective and least likely to result in problems or complications.

Our values

  • Integrity: We always do the right thing by others
  • Passion: We love to seek and know the best answers and solutions
  • Commitment: Exceptional service and delivery are non-negotiable
  • Empathy: We are caring, understanding, and have respect for others
  • Agility: We respond rapidly to our clients’ changing needs

Meet the people who help you

Even though we’re here to help you with technology, it’s people who make the difference. Ours are courteous and knowledgeable with decades of experience and a willingness to share expertise and insights with clients and across the team for the good of our clients. We also invest in being better through regular upskilling and certifications.

How we work

Service desk

Our integrated platform combines a ticketing system for service, with a customer relationship management system, directly integrated into an invoicing system, and provides clients and partners access and visibility through a web portal.

The system allows us to track and manage the jobs your staff raise, with a complete job history that also lets us research and resolve other similar issues. It makes reporting efficient and thorough, and ensures we’re completing what you need us to satisfactorily.

Remote support

Our remote management and monitoring system provides seamless direct access and we also provide remote support for unmanaged clients via the Quick Support button on our website. It's fast, and as effective as sitting with the user at their computer, with the ability to solve the issue right there and then.

Remote management

Our remote management and monitoring system ensures we're always aware of what's happening with the performance, security and backups of your systems. It means we're able to stay a step ahead and proactively resolve issues before they cause problems like downtime and data loss.

Robust documentation

We lay great groundwork for seamless and efficient service through robust documentation. This means that any support engineer can quickly understand what they're working with so they can fix it faster, minimising downtime and lost revenue. The documentation also allows us to more effectively communicate knowledge on your environments configuration, and future plans, with you.

Experience better for yourself.

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