Server Systems Stabilisation and Disaster Recovery System for Truescape



Truescape had three Microsoft Hyper-V host servers, two clustered, and one running standalone in remote data centre for disaster recovery purposes. These were running five virtual servers, three on the cluster, and two remotely. The company had been able to operate on these systems with little business interruption.

This system had served them well and when the 2011 earthquake struck they were back online within 48hours. As Truescape is a multinational company they felt that it was important to future proof their IT systems and hardware to meet future growth demands while ensuring that the appropriate systems were in place from a business interruption perspective.


At the outset, we were to gain an understanding of their existing IT systems setup, provide initial systems documentation, and to provide backup to their US-based systems administrator. Later, to carry out a systems risk assessment and then architect a new systems solution. We were to provide a plan to address system stability, and issues identified as high risk to business continuity, while ensuring as little disruption to business as possible.


We presented Truescape detail of our complete auditing process and the outcomes from that process. We then carried out a condensed audit, to suit their budget, and provided overview documentation of their network. In the process, we gained familiarity with their environment, which allowed us to provide additional support to their systems administrator.

Over time, with more involvement in their IT support, we recognised that significant changes would be required to eliminate the risk of any potential stability issues. Truescape requested we perform a risk assessment, which we completed identifying risks classified by severity. We were then requested to design a new solution, that would address stability of their systems, and shortfalls identified in their backups and disaster recovery systems.

We presented Truescape with a solution overview and project plan. Truescape had also recently invested in their systems and we needed to address any potential compatibility issues that could arise from the proposed upgrade in a cost-effective manner, without compromising system performance. We understood that to adhere to best practises, some of that investment needed to be re-architected involving significant and fundamental changes to the overall system. We covered off all the intricate questions and philosophy around the solution design. Our solution re-purposed recent investments in a way that achieved the aims of system stability, while also being financially sensible.

We scoped, quoted, and then implemented new servers to run the Hyper-V cluster. We seamlessly migrated from existing systems, utilising redundancy in connections to the existing Storage Area Network. We rebuilt one of the recently purchased Hyper-V hosts to replace the system in their disaster recovery environment. We moved Truescape from a system designed around servers duplicating their production environment, to a complete and secure offsite backups system, able to quick boot backup images as virtualised servers, for disaster recovery purposes. We consolidated and reduced the number of virtual servers operating from five to three, reduced third-party storage costs for existing partial backups, and added complete system backups and point in time restore to their capabilities.

We demonstrated the quick recovery of backup images as functioning servers, and addressed specific requirements such as the businesses ability to restore data themselves. We completed the project by providing extensive documentation on the new systems environment, network, and systems recovery.


“After building, maintaining, and servicing our IT system in-house for many years, Truescape decided to get external help with future-proofing the system for our growing, fast-paced, deadline driven production environment. Working for large international corporations and dealing with extremely large data amounts, the business interruption was not an option.

iTOPS re-architected and implemented system upgrades efficiently and without business interruptions. At times, high flexibility during implementation was required, due to frequently changing production schedules and timelines.  All team members were extremely responsive and pro-active in providing solutions, whilst outlining future impact of the options under consideration.

Our system is well set up for the growing business requirements. Proactive monitoring and reporting on the whole system provides us with peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. I highly recommend listening to what Josh and the team are bringing to the table. Their honest, pragmatic, and efficient approach is highly appreciated.”

Corporate Services Manager // Truescape Group
Favicon iTOPS Ltd
“I highly recommend listening to what Josh and the team are bringing to the table. Their honest, pragmatic, and efficient approach is highly appreciated.”
Corporate Services Manager // Truescape Group