Audits & Assessments

We offer comprehensive network audits that cover; network configuration and security, servers and their functions, backups and data protection, cloud services, and detailed specifications on all systems. Our audit will help determine, and provide clarity on, the way a client’s IT systems currently operate. We will analyse the raw information obtained and collate. We will discuss issues that a business is currently facing and what future requirements may be. We will provide a report with recommendations along with a completed assessment worksheet, network diagram, and listing of all devices found on the network. The information we provide can be used for short-and long-term planning and management and to keep an IT environment functioning optimally.

Project Implementation and Management

We start a project ensuring we have a clear objective of what we are trying to achieve. We go into very detailed planning to ensure we have an accurate estimate of the time and costs of the project. We use that planning process, and detail, to try and identify any potential issues in the early stages of projects. We don’t like projects going astray on our account and we take full responsibility and accountability for projects we’re involved in. We regard a well thought out plan, timely execution, and excellent communication, as key to successful implementations of IT projects.

Solution and Network Architecture

We design and architect network and systems environments to assist our clients in achieving business objectives. We specify the network’s physical components, such as internet links, routers, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points. We determine how they will be functionally organised; sites, WAN’s, LAN’s, and what configuration, such as virtual LANs, VPN’s, firewall rules and policies, in order to meet objectives. 

We design and architect solutions to fulfil current and future business requirements. Whether that is a backup solution with specific recovery objectives, a cloud services application or environment to allow for growth and improve functionality, or an onsite virtual server environment to consolidate physical servers and increase redundancy.  

We take time to understand the business, and the user and management requirements.


We can advise and assist with strategic planning. We gain an in-depth understanding of clients systems through audits and assessments and in-turn pass that knowledge onto management. We can advise how current systems may assist or impact achieving discussed business objectives and requirements. We can advise what may need to changed, what options and solutions there are to change to, and how changes may be implemented. We can chart this out as an IT infrastructure road-map that may facilitate change over many years.