Helpdesk and Service Desk

An ideal solution for a client is to have your issue resolved when you call for assistance. This is more likely to be the case when a systems engineer answers the phone, with the experience, documentation, and remote management tools at their disposal, to work the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, the job is logged in a ticketing system, which the customer, engineer, and manager can view to track progress, until resolution. We provide the professionalism, in terms of systems, experience, and communication, to ensure issues are solved in a manner that will meet your service expectations.

Systems and Network Administration

When the problems get tough, you call in the people who find pleasure in analysing servers for performance bottlenecks or like to sniff the network for bad packets. That’s iTOPS. We know great systems administration is more than just advanced troubleshooting skills; it’s also about possessing the communication and project management skills to ensure that systems-related projects run to plan and budget. Sometimes, the item that sets a great administrator apart is a methodical approach, whether setting up new user accounts and email in a standardised way, developing and testing a simple script, or running through a troubleshooting process to isolate the root cause of an issue.

We provide install, support, maintenance, and migration services for all leading servers (HP, IBM, Dell), associated devices (SANs, backup hardware), operating systems (Microsoft Windows Server, Small Business Server, VMware, Linux), and the applications that commonly run on those (email, internet services, SQL databases, SharePoint, backup systems, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS). We also assist businesses with the administration of their line of business or associated applications, for example accountancy, legal or medical. If it is technical, we can read and learn it, and we speak the same language to the application vendors, to ensure it works within your business.

We design, install and support networks, whether setting up internet access, remote access to company data while on-the road, site-to-site links and virtual private networks (VPNs), public and private wireless networks, or firewalls with advanced configurations supporting multiple networks. We document and diagram everything we do, so whoever supports it can troubleshoot any issues with minimum fuss and delay.

User, Device, and Application Support

We provide support for computers, printers, mobile devices, the applications that run on them and assist users with the issues they face while using them. Whether it is troubleshooting and repairing software or hardware issues, or upgrading, or installing and setting up new devices or applications, we handle all these traditional areas and expectations of what IT support is. We understand that for some, getting a new computer is more of a disruption than a pleasure, which is why we always aim to minimise the disturbance and ensure that within the bounds of a new system, that devices and applications operate, and user data still exists, as it did before.

Monitoring and Maintenance

It’s best to detect IT problems early and prevent them becoming issues for your business. We proactively monitor systems by installing software agents on them that report on system status to a centralised dashboard. This allows us to identify any problems, and resolve them, before they become an issue. We proactively maintain systems, for example by installing advised security updates, before the lack of those security updates allows your system to be compromised.