IT Security Services

We implement network security solutions to protect clients’ data and financial assets.

We configure and manage; network firewalls, spam filtering systems, antivirus systems, and backup and disaster recovery solutions. We proactively identify issues in security and resolve them through monitored antivirus solutions for desktops and servers. We provide systems for the monitoring and deployment of security updates, to patch the known systems vulnerabilities, that hackers may try and exploit. We manage the backup and recovery systems that businesses depend upon for recovery of data and systems in the event of a breach.

We can reduce risk, and improve security, through training and policy. Many hacking attempts will focus on misleading end users into providing system access details. Awareness of the basics of safe computing, and policies to help enforce those essentials, will often prove of far more value than any technical solution. There are also many extremely simple technical changes that are often overlooked, such as renaming an administrative account or enabling account lock-out, that we use to improve security.

Audits and Assessments

We offer comprehensive security audits and assessments to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their issues and the priorities for focus.

Our 220-question assessment and review, delves into areas such as; organisation policy and process, employee awareness and training, identity and access management, backups and disaster recovery, and vulnerability in servers and hosted services. We will carry out penetration testing of your systems as needed. We will provide a report with recommendations along with a completed assessment worksheet. The worksheet has indicative timing estimates to resolve issues, that can be used in conjunction with risk level score, to help determine best areas of focus.

iTOPS Ltd Security Assessment

We understand that no business will have a perfect security system and that our role is to assist in practical risk minimisation. The information we provide can be used for short-and long-term planning to keep your data and financial assets secure.