Would your business survive an IT disaster?

Take control of your business, learn about security risks and future-proofing opportunities with an IT assessment from iTOPS.

At iTOPS we focus on gaining and supporting a highly productive and secure working environment for our customers’ computing and networking needs. Technology at all levels should not be treated as a set and forget cover-all solution. IT disasters do happen, and our IT solutions team respond on a regular basis to businesses that have left it too late. Get updated and request an IT assessment today.

If you are concerned about your IT costs getting out of hand, partner with us and we will provide you with up to 50% off your next IT assessment. We are committed to helping our Christchurch business customers.

What is an IT assessment?

For your assessment, an iTOPS IT consultant will gain an in-depth understanding of your IT systems in your business and what is working well and what isn’t. If there are any technologies that are causing you and your team frustrations due to speed or operational issues, we will work with you to identify and provide solutions for these. Making your business run as it should, without IT problems.

1. Discovery mode
Our independent IT assessment is a great way to learn about the IT risks that your business has.

✓ We will provide you with a network diagram of your environment – applications, cloud services, servers, firewalls, switches, network links and remote access.

2. Understanding outcomes
Our quality IT assessment will explain your current computing and networking environment and where suitable give options for reducing your IT business risks in a cost-effective way.

✓ Based on a recommendations document which covers all the issues found in comparison to best practices, we will provide you a roadmap for managed IT services.

3. Supporting you with a managed plan
Our customers gain peace of mind with proactive solutions, regular IT reports. We provide updates of their systems and ensure that backups are regular and recoverable.

✓ You can choose the level of support you require – we will advise you what risks you need to minimize immediately and what can be resolved over time.

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